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The Jgolf simulator was developed in times of Corona to enable people to play golf together, even when they are at home. We are a Swiss company with over 30 years of experience in the golf business. The simulator is called Jgolf because Jeangolf GmbH worked with the South Korean developer to realize it. We are based in Mägenwil (Canton Aargau, CH), and we will offer you support, warranty and updates.
Jean Missewu

The brand new system is a must-have

The Jgolf Simulator is not just a simple device, but a comprehensive solution for golf performance, improvement and entertainment with realistic 3D golf courses. If you are looking for the best for your swing and fun, you should choose Jgolf Simulator.

Golf simulator assembly

Rely on our many years of expertise and comprehensive support in all matters.

We have been active in the golf sector for over 30 years and have established ourselves as pioneers by being the first to report extensively on golf simulators.

We rely on indoor golf technology from South Korea:

Golf Simulator Center

Jean Missewu

CEO Jgolf simulator

Attractive content that appeals to both golf enthusiasts and non-golfers


Start your own golf simulator business or add a golf simulator to your existing business. Jgolf simulators’ customized solutions offer unique indoor golf experiences. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.


Attractive content that attracts golfers and non-golfers

Tailored advice

Whether on the golf course, the practice facility or in the training room – our technology provides comprehensive data on every shot. Discover your strengths and areas for development.

Golfers and non-golfers.

We have thought of everyone, be it children, family members, guests, clubbers or visitors to public places.

We are a dynamic team and come from the canton of Aargau.

We know this product like our own hands and will support you until you are satisfied.

We are here for you!

what do you need


You need the jgolf simulator, a sophisticated and independent hardware (you don’t need another monitor or computer…)


Jgolf simulator has its own portable box


High-resolution projectors

tee mat

There is nothing more uncomfortable for your guests when they have to sit around in bad weather. With the golf simulator from Jeangolf, you can bring the beautiful weather into your rooms - and the high fun factor as well.

  • Golf feeling in any weather
  • Play with real golf clubs
  • Experience great group events
  • Fits perfectly in lounges/bars etc.
  • Also suitable for training

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15% discount until May 30, 2024

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15% discount until May 30, 2024

15% discount until May 30, 2024